Want success in your venture? Motion Pictures are your ticket!

We live in a world of constant paradigm shifts. One day it's MySpace, the next it's FaceBook. Marketing tactics you've relied on change every few months, seemingly. So how do you stay on top of the market, and in front of your ideal clientele? Video! And we can show you how to:

  • Launch your product
  • Promote your brand
  • Make a name for yourself
  • Become an authority in your field

Because of the high perceived value of video content, the ones doing it now are the ones who are dominating their markets. In a nutshell, video makes you look good, and you need to look good to be hired, booked, or promoted. We looked at the market place, and found some incredible statistics on media consumption by a male audience just last year - the findings speak for themselves!

Average Time Spent Consuming Media

Digital Video is a critical part of any marketing, promotion, advertising or branding campaign. If you want success, you need motion pictures!

As leaders in the motion pictures space, let the expertise of CEG's talented creatives and marketing guru's lead the charge in creating relevant, high quality content for your brand that will increase your perceived value, and get your name and work in from of the right clients!

Take a look at our work...

Music video shoot with Seattle Event Music for the cover of Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me To The Moon". Seattle event music teamed up with CEG recording engineer and production services, as well as our cinema division to deliver this piece. CEG - Premium Seattle Content Creation Firm Featuring Commercial Photography, Cinematography, Audio Production, Branding and Design!
A short film about the up's and down's of life with a focus on the love element. Produced by Zina Curtean and Daniel Curtean, Sandpaper + Love is a true to life representation of the different perspectives of love. CEG - Premium Seattle Content Creation Firm Featuring Commercial Photography, Cinematography, Audio Production, Branding and Design!

Shot, edited and colored by Daniel Curtean of CEG. See more of our work @ www.curtean.com/cinematography Find us on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/DanielCurtean Find us on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/dannycurtean Want to book CEG? www.curtean.com/contact

The Image Church Picnic in September of 2015 - a time when we all get together, and shatter dreams :D - kidding of course, but we're a competitive bunch! This is a fast paced, action packed edit of the event by CEG! Shot, edited and colored by Daniel Curtean of CEG.

My wife and I got together and decided to cook a french style roasted duck with spinach, feta and strawberry salad. She did the cooking, I did the filming, and we got this to show for it! Enjoy! The food was far tastier than it looked, and the shoot was far more involved than you'd guess!

Video portrait of the talented Pedro-Antonio from Seattle, Washington. Storyteller Daniel Curtean and CEG proudly present "Portrait of a hair designer". Shot, edited and colored by Daniel Curtean of CEG www.curtean.com Shot on BlackMagic cameras. All post production performed on BMD Davinci Resolve.

With all the sweet new gear coming in, we're having to figure out clever ways to integrate it all into our cinematography services. But this video is about stripping down and going bare! ;) So I went out with a stripped down BMPCC, with the Tilta cage, baseplate and one 24mm Leica R 2.8 lens (on SpeedBooster, of course).

Two churches faced off in a competitive yet friendly soccer match and here is what the players had to say. --------------------- Filmed on BlackMagic (BMPCC) camera with Leica R lens and Metabones Speedbooster on Atomos Ninja 2. Color and editing performed on DaVinci Resolve by BlackMagic Design.

While hiking at Deception Pass, I brought along 50lb of camera equipment to film the sights. Filmed on BlackMagic (BMPCC) camera with Leica R lens and Metabones Speedbooster on Atomos Ninja 2. Color and editing performed on DaVinci Resolve by BlackMagic Design. Shot, edited and colored by Daniel Curtean of CEG.

Best-wishes video shot for newly-weds, the Ahsurov's. Shot, edited and colored by Daniel Curtean of CEG. Filmed with a BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera Leica 35-70 F3.5 Lens on MetaBones SpeedBooster Recorded with Atomos Ninja 2 Edited and colored with Adobe CC. www.curtean.com

In a world which just celebrated Thanksgiving, one puppy feels fortunate to finally get a piece of that turkey dinner! With cues of holocaust-like starvation, this winter, Bambi the beagle puppy finally gets that bone! Shot, edited, colored and mastered by Daniel Curtean of CEG.

One prince and one princess on a quest to discover eachother's existance and one story analogous to the real story below. This served as our wedding invitation to all our guests. Daniel's Side: I've always attempted to picture my future wife, and most always it was at best in a haze. She always had long brown hair, beautiful eyes, a soft and forgiving heart and intelligence to match her beauty. As I always attempted to build her profile, I can attest to the fact that she always, inevitably looked exactly like Zina in my mind. When we met, we were both participating in a Christmas concert arranged for the local artists. There were several of us musicians that I hadn't seen before, but she stood out. At rehearsals the day before, with me being a blind as a bat without contacts, I never got close enough to see her face in the big auditorium. The lights were dimmed and only the stage was well lit. While she was running through her songs, I was at the sound booth as I usually am helping tweak the microphones and speakers, so I didn’t see her; but I did hear her voice. It immediately struck me as a very mature singers voice, with confidence and a playful singing style. The day of the event came around and I sat, as usual on the first row of seats. The first two rows had been dedicated to the musicians for ease of access to the stage, so she was sitting behind me. Because of this, I only noticed her on stage. I don’t recall many times in my life where I did a double take, but this was certainly one of them. She was completely captivating and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. What made our bond explosive at first sight was not physical, but it was the eye contact she constantly gave me during the event. Her eyes were on me several times for every song she performed, and I noticed that. It was incredibly thrilling and exciting! I didn’t know what to think, I was doubting myself and started saying "no, no, there must be somebody she knows RIGHT behind me, or something…". After several songs, a few smiles, and a second concert we struck deep eye contact when we finally introduced each other. Needless to say, a few months and several dozen Skype hours later, we were glued. Our interests matched, our goals aligned and our hearts were each other's yin and yang. We could read each other's minds, heard each other's hearts and mold to each other's needs. If I were to describe her in a sentence, it would look something like this: "I couldn’t create her as perfect in a lifetime of planning, but her perfection proves, unequivocally our Heavenly Fathers un-doubtful existence - else she couldn’t possibly exit." Zina's Side: Music knows but one language. It can bring people together for a lifetime. Music brought us two together, and as so begins our story. I came to the US in September of 2011 with my whole family. The first city I lived in was called Spanaway, and there I frequented a Moldavian church. Shortly after my arrival, I became implicated within the worship team. Little did I know that in this very church Danny was invited quite frequently to sing at special events. Around Christmas season, we began preparing songs, services more so then a normal Sunday and there came the idea to organize a Christmas concert. During rehearsals, I was the first to get on stage and do a mic check. I noticed him waiting his turn and noticed certain qualities about him. He was as they say "tall, dark and handsome", well dressed and had a gentle and loving eyes. Yet still I did not devote all my attention to him. He went on-stage, and here his voice came through as well, and I liked what I saw and what I hear. In my mind a perfect mold formed between his appearance and his voice - it was an intriguing package. That night, after the rehearsals we did not meet and we did not speak. However the next day, after the event we finally learned each other's names. As people socialized and started to head home, my family and I did the same. But long behold, as I was already outside and leaving to my car, I turn and see him running towards me quickly to get to know my name. "Hi, my name is Daniel" "Hi Daniel, I'm Zina" And so began our story, with these simple words.