the brand accelerator service


CEG is a branding and business development firm that amplifies your brand, and helps focus your vision. 



We use powerful storytelling tools to reach your audience, answer their existing desires, and compel them to act. 


We build up your brand, identify your ideal client, and craft effective campaigns which tell your story using rich multimedia developed 100% in-house. We bridge the gap between concept and delivery which traditionally are separate. 



We work to strengthen existing service oriented brands, launch solid startups, and revitalize struggling businesses with our proprietary business engines and processes. 





  • We feel that the content creation and promotional efforts are disjointed. We believe in a seamless integration between content teams and marketing efforts for successful brand promotion and we incorporate the two seamlessly. 
  • We are a force multiplier for our clients. We believe that using business intelligence that drive our proprietary branding and content systems makes us a massive amplifier for our client's vision. 
  • We believe we can raise the standard for quality branding and business development through data analytics and rich content creation.
  • We believe we can considerably shorten the time to build a successful and profitable brand with our expertise, our multi industry experience, and proprietary systems and tools we developed exclusively for our clients. 


Creativity - We value art, resourceful problem solving and natural talent. 

Experiences - Life is an experience for all of us - we design experiences for your brand, and experiences drive everything

Storytelling - We believe that life experiences are best communicated via stories. So we tell the most compelling stories and we call it brand messaging

Partnerships - We believe that business is based on strong partnerships that drive success. We partner with our clients in building their success.  

Transformation - We want to transform lives because of what we do. We want to influence influencers, and change the way limits are perceived because we believe that the world needs higher standards of quality, of life and of well being.   




Creativity - Creativity in problem solving, and in content creation is the most important value to us. Our creativity in solving difficult problems defines our value as a brand at the most fundamental level. So creativity drives what we do at every level!

Experiences - Your customer's experience with your brand can determine longevity of your partnership with them. Their experience also dictates if they become brand evangelists. So we believe in fine tuning and controlling client experience with a high degree of precision. 

Storytelling - It is through storytelling that your clients communicate your brand message to their networks, becoming evangelists for you. The effectiveness of your brand messaging determines how successfully your clients tell your story to others. This is why we value storytelling.

Partnerships - You need dependable, long-term partners that can help you refine and build your vision well into the future. Our own partners that help us deliver our service offering to our clients share our core values. We believe in mastermind relationships, and we strive to create networks within our client base that connects brands for mutual benefit. 

Transformation - We want to redefine what is possible, and increase the number of positive world influencers by helping owners build wealth, faster through our partnerships with their companies. We believe it takes wealth and good courage to change the world, and we want to influence the next generation of human progress worldwide through fearless entreprenuers with a generous spirit and a limitless mind. 

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We're happy to introduce you to the CEG operations team!



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Daniel Curtean

Founder and Chief Strategist

As the founder and director of CEG, Daniel has a direct hand in every project CEG delivers to our clients. Daniel serves as creative director, and marketing strategist for all our media work.  


Zina Curtean

Chief Administrator

Making our clients look beautiful, our on staff aesthetician and certified professional makeup artist, Zina brings the star out of every person - she's amazing! (Ohh, and she's Daniel's wife!)

Zina also handles administrative tasks at CEG, making sure the cogs turn the right way behind the scenes. 

Gustavo Salinas

Partner and Account Executive

As a partner of CEG, and a user of our own services for his company, Eco Car Cafe, Gustavo serves as our Account Executive. He is a crucial part of our brand development and strategy sessions.

Gustavo also handles the needs of our clients and acts as a liaison to ensure we always deliver the best service, on time, and on budget!

See what we've done for Eco Car Cafe!




At CEG we also employ a variety of vendors which we collaborate with on projects, as their talents are needed. From film crews, support staff, to audio production teams which handle the custom music scoring and composing, our amazing relationships outside our core team are continually expanding, and we love our vendors!