we craft messages

We’re a Seattle based visual communications company that uses the power of stories to visually communicate your brand’s message.


We focus your story through the lens of design thinking to design memorable user experiences that influence prospects and converts them into customers.



Building user experience focused brands is our forte, our passion, and is the future of business to consumer enterprises. Today’s consumer looks for the reason behind the offering, and the experience of ownership before they buy. People want to belong to a tribe, and they want to associate to an identity - we can craft your tribe, and position you for the future.



Design Thinking

At CEG we believe in design thinking, and how that influences intentional user experience design. We believe that the brands of the future will need to cater to the shifting expectation of the buyer with personalized experiences, value driven branding and identity focused messaging. People want to belong, they want to have purpose, and this has become a minimum expectation. We bring design thinking, UX focus and visual communication together and offer our clients consulting that helps them meet those minimum expectations. We integrate brand identity and business design with content creation efforts in a seamless manner that propels your brand forward. We want your client to have great experiences from first interaction, to final sale, and we do that through great UX design - design thinking is why we're unique.


Unify Focus

We know that traditionally the content creation and business strategy efforts have been disjointed. We believe in a seamless integration between content creation teams and business strategy for successful brand market penetration and we incorporate the two seamlessly in our offering. There should only be one vision, and one effort and we unify these.


Force Multiplier

We are a force multiplier for our clients. Because of our unique philosophy and offering, we’ve been able to transform the businesses, and the mindsets of business owners. What we brings ongoing ROI well after we project completion, and will help your brand stand out well into the future.


There isn’t any other agency in the world that does what we do.

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creativity by ceg as brand identity agency

Creativity - Creativity applied to problem solving, and creativity in content creation are critical to our service offering. Our creativity in solving difficult problems for your business drives our value as a brand at the most fundamental level. So creativity is quite literally the reason why nobody else does what we do, or how we do it. 


Experiences - We believe that experiences stand at the fundamental doorstep of decision making. Your customer's experience with your brand can determine the longevity of your partnership with them. Their experience also dictates if they become brand evangelists. So we believe in fine tuning and controlling client experience with a high degree of precision, and we call that UX (User Experiences).  

storytelling to communicate experiences by ceg

Storytelling - Experiences are communicated through stories - it's how we share our memorable moments and great experiences with our friends - we use stories. What if a branding company brought masterful storytelling to tell your brand's story? Imagine the power of stories delivered by our creatives!


Partnerships - You need dependable, long-term partners that can help you refine and build your vision well into the future. Our own partners that help us deliver our service offering to our clients share our core values. We believe in mastermind relationships, and we want to build that with you, and your brand. 

transformation in mindset and vision

Transformation - The 4 minute mile was a perceived physical limit for nearly two thousand years - until Roger Bannister shattered it. It took two thousand years for someone to break through this limiting belief, and after that, several others followed even breaking Roger's record. We believe that many limits that are self imposed are great limiters in our capability, and the abilities of our client's to do the impossible!

We want to redefine what is possible, and increase the number of positive world influencers by helping owners build wealth, faster through our partnerships with their companies. We believe it takes wealth and good courage to change the world, and we want to influence the next generation of human progress worldwide through fearless entrepreneurs with a generous spirit and a limitless mind - and we help ignite that transformation!