Perseverance and Motivation!

You see it and I mean it! Nothing which was largely successful was ever made devoid of perseverance and motivation. Whether on behalf of the originator or proprietor, or the team releasing it, perseverance and motivation are both critical in the success of your product or service.  


Do do you know what the difference between the "1%" and the rest is? Perseverance and motivation! That's it! I heard someone say recently "I have more patience and resolve than you - I will win!" 


i agree reed with that whole heartedly. That is the difference between the successful and the rest. It's perseverance, and it's motivation.  


Life is not as simple as having a great idea - that's worthless! Yes, I said it - if you have an idea, you've got NOTHING! However if you can tap into perseverance and find motivation in a - here's the point - reliable and consistent manner, you can make anything successful. 


The biggest roadblock for most is lack of understanding and even more, unfortunately is lack of resolve! And it's such a shame!


Dont you ever wonder how many other iPhones or Internets were never created because resolve was missing? Isn't it a complete shame and even a travesty to think that you and I and people you

know personally could have that next idea, and it might as well never exit? If that doesn't raise your pulse, then business and success is not for you. Perhaps a 9 to 5 is where you are comfortable, and that's fine! But for me it's not!  

I refuse mediocrity, I refuse standard and I have no interest what so ever in conformity. And this is why I drive to help my clients really push, to break new boundaries and redefine impossibility EVERY SINGLE DAY! I want to see you sell, I want to see you succeed! 


Motivetionally yours, 

Daniel Curtean

For the sake of the photograph! - Is art subjective? NO!

I've spoken with several people which made ridiculous statements about the subjectivity of photography and art, arguing that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and all that crap - at which point I bust out laughing at the ignorance! It is post-modern lunacy which strives to make all things relative that I am laughing at, not the individual - after all, ignorance is bliss! 

Relativism is a self defeating argument and no serious thinker can possibly claim that all things are relative - why? Because you would have to make an absolute statement that "relativism is absolutely true" at which point, you've just violated your very own principle of no absolutes in move #1 - check mate! See what I mean? Relativism is stupidity, people! There ARE absolutes! There ARE rules! No you CAN'T do what ever you please!

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CEG Yearly Christmas Charity PhotoShoot

Every year CEG puts on a charity photo-shoot specifically Christmas themed, for FREE. Its completely complimentary, and is open to everyone! We encourage families to come out and take advantage of this unique opportunity ASAP because seats and availability are limited. 

So why are we doing this?

We believe in the timeless power of photographs and their importance 10 years from now, and feel everyone should have at least one professionally produced photograph of them or their family - however there are (in our opinion) unfortunately too many people which genuinely cannot afford a professional's rate. We are very cost effective, but even so, some people need a helping hand, and we believe in investing into people - so there is the why!

How it works:

You MUST book with us and be confirmed for your requested time slot before that requested slot is available to you!

Visit on a computer and you'll see in the top right hand corner a button made specifically for this event "Christmas Shoot Booking" - click it, fill out the form and wait for our response. Well get back to you as fast as we can confirming your slot. 

MOBILE USERS - Your button will show at the bottom!

All invitees qualify for the complimentary service, but we ask courteously that those who CAN afford to donate to the cause and help stretch our ability to do this event every year, do so. We won't directly ask you to, but please keep in mind that events like these do cost money and we are paying for this out of pocket - your donations help keep this yearly event possible for those that genuinely need a helping hand, so please keep that in mind. 

Starting Dec 19th through Dec 21st 

Sessions will start at 11:00 AM and will last until 5 PM each day. In order to be booked, we must confirm you as booked, and this invite is not sufficient. Booking will commence on a first-come-first-serve basis until all days and slots are filled. 

Slot Availability: About 18 seats available

The basic time slots look like this, and every session will last roughly 45 minutes. 

Friday - Saturday - Sunday
11:00- 12:00 PM
12:15 - 1:00 PM
1:15 - 2:00 PM
2:15 - 3:00 PM
3:15 - 4:00 PM
4:15 - 5:00 PM

Where? We will be hosting all photo-shoots in our studio, and the address is available via the event details. We ask all participants that get booked to be here on time, because if you're not we may not be able to fit you in later. So show up when you need to - were all grownups here!

Not familiar with CEG? We invite you to review our work to familiarize yourself with our services and portfolio. 

Have questions? Contact us at 

Thank you all for participating and sharing this event with people you know - its open to all and we depend on your sharing and invites to others to make this successful. We appreciate it, and truly wish you a Merry Christmas!


Blind Photographers - The epidemic!

Blind Photographers - The epidemic!

A photographer doesn't need a camera to make a photograph, he needs a camera only to show you what he made. The sad part is that largely, today, most photographers are walking around blind. Their mind's eye was never opened, and their only crutch is Photoshop and their ability to shoot now, and pick later. And the reality is that blindness will never know the light, until it is gone. As photographers we get to choose when we cross over and re-sanctify the photograph, and make our "mind's eye" see - that is when thou shall see the light and their life will change. 

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What's in my bag!

What's in my bag!

Although I have a great bond and a sincere connection to the tools which I have picked over the course of my career, the fact of the matter is that none of these matter in themselves. When combined together, these tools create a hand selected kit of paint brushes which I know intimately, know how it responds, and know what I will get before I put them to use. I could not fully do what I do without my equipment, because it was hand selected for a purpose, and to help me capture what my minds eye sees. And so here is what is in my bag!

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DSLR vs. Rangefinder Shooting Methodology - An argument for purposeful photography

DSLR vs. Rangefinder Shooting Methodology - An argument for purposeful photography

Do you see the problem there? He’s not sure he got “it”, but he got enough random shots that he’s “bound” to get one right….hopefully. And this is the condition which the very large majority of photographers you know, heard of, or seen suffer from. Even many of the higher end photographers that you expect to have mastered their craft still do this silly exercise, except they’ve just gotten better at the “DSLR Method” then the rest. So if this is not the correct approach, what else is there?

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What is this blog about?

What will I blog about?

The main reason for the launch of this blog has been my irritation with the current state of things in the commercial photography field. I am simply stunned by the self-entitlement, complete lack of talent or willingness to work and the lack of self-education some photographers are exhibiting. And the best part is that they expect to be paid for it. It’s shocking! So I’m here to set the record straight, inform my clients and educate some of these photographers. I don’t like seeing people being ripped off, so through this blog I am here to help.  

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