What is this blog about?


With all the information around and few who can cultivate it, I’d like to help answer some questions, help you ask some questions and inform you. I want to use this section as an educational end-point for the curious, knowledgeable, the professional and client alike.

Opinions are important

I believe that everyone’s opinion is important and should be considered. However crazy an argument may appear at first, if its the only logical explanation therefore must be true! That being said I would like to point out that this blog is mine own. Its formed of information I use and of my opinions to which I am entitled. Take the posts with a grain of salt and use your own judgment. However be aware that the content within this blog isn’t meant for me, it is meant for you, the followers and clients. You now know the intent and I hope you can learn something I’ve already learned from others.

What will I blog about?

The main reason for the launch of this blog has been my irritation with the current state of things in the commercial photography field. I am simply stunned by the self-entitlement, complete lack of talent or willingness to work and the lack of self-education some photographers are exhibiting. And the best part is that they expect to be paid for it. It’s shocking! So I’m here to set the record straight, inform my clients and educate some of these photographers. I don’t like seeing people being ripped off, so through this blog I am here to help.  


What this blog won’t be about

This blog is not going to be a promotional platform or any services. That’s not to say I’m not going to write about my favorite tools and services, but I will never try and push third party products on any one of my readers. I’m here to educate, inform and dismantle falsehoods in the industry based on my opinions.


Be smart, don’t get fooled, and go learn something new!


Daniel Curtean