A Good Brand?

A Good Brand?

What does a good brand really mean? Does it mean you have a logo? A great website? Is that really it? And if we knew what a good brand is, then why do we need one? Who says brand is king?

When we say the name Nike, what do you immediately think of? Most will think of an athlete running down the street at dusk, with some white ear buds and an great pair of running shoes with the big swoosh on them. You see, there we have it. We answered the question of what a brand is in practice. But what makes a good brand? To us the answer is evident in the fact that you had a vivid image in your mind when we merely mentioned the name of a company tells you how effective that brand is - and an effective brand is a good brand. 

We didn't mention a website and never mentioned a product, or anything specific at all. But you knew exactly what it was right when we mentioned it. Your vivid reaction to that brand was already formed. A good brand is not a product, or service! And that is because those things evolve and sometimes stop being offered, making them a poor brand anchor. A good brand speaks to the soul of that company - your company. The products and services you offer don't need to be mentioned in order to have a good brand. Because if you do that, you're off immediately competing with the next guy that offers the same thing, and that's where brands fail. 

A great brand needs to stay in a philosophical green zone, where it's merits and virtues power its values. And it's these values that birth the product that this great brand offers. "The purpose of a today's company is to create a client, not a product!" 

People aren't interested in comparisons - they just don't care! People deeply desire to find something that they can connect to, and something that they understand and that  shares their values. Ultimately people get excited by cultivating bonds, which are emotional - and a great brand answers that. I heard it said once "people like us do things like this", and answering that for your audience is perhaps the most critical part of building a great brand and a dedicated following.

A good brand leaves no room for competitors. It doesn't even bring them up, because the focus of the client interface to the brand is made to its values and drive, not its product. But remember this - a good brand dominates the minds of its followers and when your clients speak your brand, the response should be clear, vivid and exactly what you intended it to be. That's what a good brand is, and we're in the business of creating content that gives you that.


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