Blind Photographers - The epidemic!

You know, its disappointing to see this down-ward spiral of quality and originality with respect to the photography field. Too many people have access to too many cameras and they take too many pictures because it doesn't cost anything (notice the word pictures, here's the difference.)

Photo Credit: Lee McLaughlin

Photo Credit: Lee McLaughlin

In the film days, photography was sacred because it cost something - the film was not free, and film development required an investment. In that lost world, a photograph was still something to behold, something to aspire to - active thought and effort went into creating a photograph. Today we have lost that, mostly due to the flood of digital availability. However, the most disappointing factor is the fact that most people never got to learn what a sacred photograph even is, because they were never exposed to the ideology. 

Photography itself is a world to which one is born blind, and through a combination of knowledge, experience and time, one learns to see. In our largely instantaneous culture there is never enough time invested for one to ever have a chance of actually learning to see this world. I am of course not speaking of the natural sense of the human perception system, vision itself. The "see" I am referring to is one of the mind, with the creative "mind's eye". This "eye" is born shut, and as photographers our main goal is to learn how to open it. Cameras or lenses will not help that eye to see - equipment will never make it un-blind.  

The "mind's eye" requires no equipment what so ever. It requires the trainee to be in a specific mental state. A true photographer is one that is constantly photographing everything he sees. From the moment a photographer awakes, to the moment he sleeps, his "mind's eye" is constantly framing, lighting, calculating geometric shapes within the frame, controlling exposure and so on without ceasing. A photographer doesn't need a camera to make a photograph, he needs a camera only to show you what he made. The sad part is that largely, today, most photographers are walking around blind. Their mind's eye was never opened, and their only crutch is Photoshop and their ability to shoot now, and pick later. And the reality is that blindness will never know the light, until it is gone. As photographers we get to choose when we cross over and re-sanctify the photograph, and make our "mind's eye" see - that is when thou shall see the light and their life will change. 


Until next time,

Daniel Curtean
Chief Creative Engineer