Perseverance and Motivation!

You see it and I mean it! Nothing which was largely successful was ever made devoid of perseverance and motivation. Whether on behalf of the originator or proprietor, or the team releasing it, perseverance and motivation are both critical in the success of your product or service.  


Do do you know what the difference between the "1%" and the rest is? Perseverance and motivation! That's it! I heard someone say recently "I have more patience and resolve than you - I will win!" 


I agree with that whole heartedly. That is the difference between the successful and the rest. It's perseverance, and it's motivation.  


Life is not as simple as having a great idea - that's worthless! Yes, I said it - if you have an idea, you've got NOTHING! However if you can tap into perseverance and find motivation in a - here's the point - reliable and consistent manner, you can make anything successful. 


The biggest roadblock for most is lack of understanding and even more, unfortunately is lack of resolve! And it's such a shame!


Don't you ever wonder how many other iPhones or Internets were never created because resolve was missing? Isn't it a complete shame and even a travesty to think that you and I and people you know personally could have that next idea, and it might as well never exist? If that doesn't raise your pulse, then business and success is not for you. Perhaps a 9 to 5 is where you are comfortable, and that's fine! But for me it's not!  

I refuse mediocrity, I refuse standard and I have no interest what so ever in conformity. And this is why I drive to help my clients really push, to break new boundaries and redefine impossibility EVERY SINGLE DAY! I want to see you sell, I want to see you succeed! 


Motivetionally yours, 

Daniel Curtean