What exactly do we do?

We’re a media company that specializes in core branding strategy, creation and amplification through rich multimedia. 


We help startups and new brands develop a Brand DNA which is a core set of values that drive the business. We then build an online presence, and generate excitement for a successful launch through rich multimedia, strategic brand positioning and messaging driven from a customer experience perspective. We craft a brand image that will attract your ideal customer, and that makes selling unnecessary.


We boost existing brands to new heights, and help them shift their legacy advertising budgets to the modern mediums by methodologically examining their techniques of reaching existing and potential audience. We achieve this through dozens of initiatives like SEO, rich multimedia creation, brand strategy sessions, platform optimization, etc. Our processes and techniques are so effective, it transforms how our clients run their business. And when you see this, you know you’ve got something good. 


We craft your entire customer-facing brand, and if you already have one, we tweak it to tip-top shape. 


We then generate desire through high end lifestyle advertising content wrapped in highly intelligent campaigns, backed by our Brand DNA philosophy and business intelligence techniques we developed in house. The results speak for themselves, and our guarantees give you the confidence that we want our clients to have. 

Daniel CurteanComment