What makes us so unique?

Our services are all inclusive - no nickel and dimeing! 

We hate it, we know you do as well. Nickel and diming companies are companies which don't provide enough value to let the market choose. If they did, their business wouldn't last long. So they resort to hard sell, uncomfortable sales tactics that force their customers to buy, instead of creating great customer experiences. And we get it - doing it right is hard work! But we think you're worth it!

We are driven by experiences

What we do revolves around how it will impact your customer and their feelings towards your brand, whether they purchase or not. And that's the key thing in our experience. Generating fans from market segments that wouldn't even normally buy your product is our expertise. The reality is that many people don't know what they need, and the first company which can generate a great customer experience will usually be the most successful. 

Brand DNA

This is our ace in the hole. It is through Brand DNA that we understand the core values and ethos of the brand fundamentally. What we develop here sets the course for everything else. We evaluate what has worked previously, we learn how your clients respond best, and we develop a winning strategy going forward so that all efforts come form a place of deep understanding of the brand we are amplifying.

100% in house

We control the entire pipeline from concept to delivery exclusively in-house. We don’t rely on external creatives to develop concepts for us. Although we use external vendors we trust to collaborate on some projects in an effort to best use our time, those external vendors are task oriented and given specific parameters controlled by CEG in order to deliver exactly what we need for your brand. Our content creation efforts are immediately recognizable because they are consistently very high quality which is in like with CEG's core brand values. 

We invest

At CEG we believe in force multipliers. This is a concept that was developed by the military in describing tools and tactics that allows one soldier to provide the value of a dozen. We use the same concepts in strategically delivering your brand's powerhouse. Not only do we design force multipliers for you that will deliver enormous value, but we use this tactic in house when we carefully choose the platforms, equipment and strategies we use to deliver these services. And because of this philosophy, we choose to purchase some of the most expensive, highest performance tools available in the world. We invest heavily in our creatives through acquisition of extreme precision tools to consistently deliver extraordinary results for every project. 

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