Why CEG?



We will transform your mind, how you perceive your business, how you understand your industry, your client, and your services. In fact we might just be the breakthrough you've been needing. 

Let's talk about fishing. Imagine you're standing on a dock with many other people that are also trying to fish. Everybody has a fishing pole, everybody has a bucket, and everybody has their bait of choice. You pick the COOLEST LOOKING hook and bait according to what you think it will work best. When you prepare to cast the bait one of the fishermen look at you and say "you do know that your hook and bait are designed for squid, right?". When you launch a business you're not simply casting bait into the water to fish. You are actually invading an which has 10 million moving parts which you do not have any control over. The results would be quite different if you had somebody next to you helping you to understand the ecosystem and crafting an IRRESISTIBLE bait for the best fish in the pond. 

We will get to know your pond, get to know the fish that are in it, and what they like. We will create an irresistible bait and hook designed specifically for what you're trying to catch. Your success at catching your fish will be so great that those around you will come to you for advice. Now you're not just fishing, you've become an influencer for the other fishermen. And that's what we help you do. 

One day you could realize you wasted a lot of effort and resources without having the results you are looking for. What we do is bring in the business intelligence, brand strength and our expertise in crafting an irresistible message for your audience to make that invasion successful.

Realizing that you're on a lake, you quickly adjust your strategy and pick the hook that you see everyone else use. Thinking that doing what everyone else does will get you results. You catch a couple of fish, but no more than anyone else doing the same thing you're doing. You're all doing the same thing, after all. But what if you wanted more fish than everyone else? What would you have to do to get more?

We think you'd agree that in order to get more fish, you'd have to know more about fishing. You would have a huge advantage if you understood what kind of fish are in the pond, and what those fish like to eat. Understanding the ecosystem better than anyone else would give you insight that nobody else has. Which means you would know when to fish, where to fish, with what bait and hook to fish, and what kind of fish you're trying to catch. And thats what we help you learn. 

You cannot replicate what we do without us.

We are unique in our service offering. You can't just proverbially walk down the street to the next guy and buy the same thing - there is nobody else that does everything we do, the way we do it, and especially not with the success we have.

One of our favorite universal principles, often called "laws" is the so called Sturgeon's Law. Sturgeon's law states that 90% of everything is garbage. Only 10% of all the offerings in the world are truly high value, and of great quality. 

Think about it, our entire economy is based on that simple principle. We know this principle well, and we will make your brand sit along ours, and our clients in the prestigious 10% of greatness. That is what we do!

We are your mentors!

We will advise you on what to do, and strategies to run your business in ways you never even considered. That's the beauty of bringing in external help! Having a fresh perspective from an outside source is one of the most valuable things you can introduce into your business. It is so valuable that this single act can radically transform your company. This is why consultant's are generally so prized and can command such hefty fees - it's this! The unique, external perspective that the wise business stewards can turn into a pure goldmine that will yield for decades to come! Give us a call, we'd love to show you what we've done and let the results speak for themselves!

Are you ready for massive change?

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