the Brand Acceleration Plan

the Brand Acceleration Plan

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For the established brand that has hit a wall, we've got a guaranteed solution to your growth problems! Our monthly Brand Acceleration plans are designed as powerhouse propellants to get your business growing and immediately increase sales!

We want to make your brand successful, and this is how we can do it!

Monthly Plan:

"Can you afford to not invest in your business?"



Your brand message is essentially your resume. It's what you do, how you do it, and why you do it well. However, a well crafted brand message is fundamentally based in your ideal client's desire. If you can craft a great message to your ideal client which has an existing desire for your solution, then you will sell your product with zero sales effort.

How can this be? The answer is simple. You are solving a problem, and your client wants your solution. These prospects can easily be your clients if you have your ducks in a row, and that's exactly the problem we solve for you. We get your ducks in a row so that when you message your ideal client, they respond with enthusiasm because they've found a solution to their problem, and the quality of the message controls the level of enthusiasm.


think of it this way

"the purpose of today's company is to solve problems, not sell useless products". It is very difficult to sell useless products, but it is effortless to sell great solutions to existing client desires. And the message you use is everything.


“the aim of marketing is to make selling unnecessary. ”



Brand acceleration or amplification is the process by which we boost your brand's significance, influence and fame to your ideal client audience - we make you more recognizable. What this means is that we create a larger, more rich presence in areas where your ideal client likes to spend time. We want to walk together 1000 steps in your customer's shoes.

When we understand your client's desires, we can become the answer they desire, and we do that with carefully crafted messaging designed to get them excited about finding you. And when we do that, selling becomes unnecessary because clients pre-qualify themselves for your service. Which means that when they call, they're already sold on your offering, and are ready to buy. This is what we achieve through Brand Acceleration.




Content Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.

This is what we do for you. We conceptualize campaigns, create the message, and craft the rich multimedia that speaks to your audience. 




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Importance of Media Type for Marketing Campaigns

46% of marketers say photography is critical to their current marketing and storytelling strategies.

"Visual sells - people buy with their eyes and their hearts"





This is what we call a Stage II type content creation initiative because this is generally a second step after creating a basic Brand DNA. This is the content creation strategy that the largest corporations in the world utilize, and it is always created in series or packs - think multiple episodes, or multiple photographs or videos. In other words we need to create a series of individually unique lifestyle pieces that specifically marry the Brand DNA to a lifestyle that your clients would desire to live - we generate the desire, and not specifically try to sell them anything in this category of content. In other words we make buying your product "cool". What we achieve by creating a series of Brand Loyalty type content is to engage your audience that may like your brand, convert them to fans that don't just buy your product, but become evangelists for it. The phrase we like to use to describe this initiative is "people like us do things like this" - and with this idea in mind, we create desire, we create fans, and create a multi-tiered Brand DNA that will grow your audience, and sales for years to come. Generating desire, and ultimately building fans is the most powerful way of maintaining a successful brand, and CEG helps you do that!


With this content type our main objective is to craft a powerful and engaging message, generating desire for your product through various techniques and then delivering a call to action - we want your audience to purchase, subscribe to or call your business. This category of content is a single, targeted and very sculpted piece of content with the main goal of increasing immediate sales. Although we do present the Brand DNA and increase brand awareness, the main purpose is to deliver a message and excite your audience with a call to action. We pair the finished content with a marketing budget to advertise on the most ideal platforms for your business, maximizing audience engagement for that specific message. We help with crafting the message, producing the content, and finding the best channels for distribution. We can help you do this!