the Brand Doctor Plan

the Brand Doctor Plan

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Our Brand Doctor packages are designed to assess your current brand positioning, what you're doing, and how to do it better. We transform your entire business by building you a Brand DNA from which all other things pertaining to your business are born. We then proceed to Brand Positioning which is the strategic side of how we will communicate to your audience going forward.

Monthly Plan:

"Would you pay $100,000 to get one million dollars? We charge less, and we bring you more!"



We begin by assessing your brand by a proprietary system we've developed in-house, exclusively available to CEG called "the Five Pillars". We help you figure out the DNA of your company, what it stands for, what it wants to deliver, who your base is, what kind of services you offer, and we craft a custom philosophical image which represents your brand - we call it your "Brand DNA".

If it doesn't exist, we create it. We then use this DNA we've helped you craft to dictate the direction and soul of all content, marketing strategies and messaging for your online presence. This is the very core of our successful branding initiatives. 

Often times our customer's get an epiphany as we're developing their Brand DNA. We regularly completely change how our customers do business, and this results in immediate increase in business through sales and expanded revenue.



The concept is simple - we need to define the very play book by which we will create all other content, messaging and ethos for your brand. Building a DNA for your brand allows us, much like biological DNA, to define the very core, lowest common denominator parameters of your brand. Theses are the things that drive your business, and the values you share with your clients. 

This DNA then motivates all other decisions like the shapes, the colors, the fonts, the attitude, the feel and all core aspects of the aesthetics and personality of your brand. Think of it as your brand's bible - it defines everything your brand is, what it will become, and how it will comport itself so that you don't have to reinvent yourself with every client. It's easier to build a following once you know who you are, as a brand, and it makes sales considerably easier.

Once you have a fully developed Brand DNA you can concentrate on delivering quality to your clients, instead of trying to figure out what your business stands for, how it operates and what it does every week. Let your Brand DNA speak for itself! And we help you craft that.



After developing your Brand DNA, we move on to strategically positioning your brand against your competitors in the most favorable way. We begin by assessing your direct competition and analyzing what they are doing right. In this stage we access what customers like about them, and why - the why becomes more important because it speaks to us the customer's heart which is what makes buying decisions. 

We proceed to define your ideal client parameters more precisely, and in far greater detail so that we don't waste marketing dollars on the wrong recipients of our efforts.