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Build My Brand

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Building a successful brand for your business is perhaps the most critical thing in today's economy. The purpose of a company today is to build a client, not a product! Your clients will want to have good motivation for why they should pick you, and you need to have a brand that is developed enough to give them that reason within 5 seconds.

Do you have that?


"If this package didn't cost anything, would you buy it?"

What if this package had the power to transform your business and triple your annual revenue? Would you want to learn more?



Hiring strategically powerful people is the key to all success - ALL SUCCESS! It doesn't matter how talented you are, you need external help from people that know their craft well because you can't know everything, and you don't need to. This is the single most important part of any successful business. Andrew Carnegie paid his main manager, Mr. Schwab a $75,000 yearly salary, but frequently gave him a $1 million bonus, which was an astronomical sum of money for the time. Mr. Carnegie did this because of the incredible value that Mr. Schwab brought - he was that valuable! It's important to understand the value of strategically powerful people, and we can be just that for you. 



Here's how we define it - a brand is a recognizable provider of a solution to somebody's problem. So based on that definition, your brand can be your name, your DBA , your LLC, your corporation, your clothing line, your musical act or band, and so on and so forth. If you are a recognizable provider of a solution to a problem for somebody, you ARE a brand.

A brand is not necessarily a company, although often it is. The question that remains now is if you actually exist to anyone but yourself. What good is providing a solution to a problem for somebody, if nobody knows you exist? That's where we come in! The reason we have such wild success with our clients is not because we have some magic pixie dust that we bought from Grindelwald, it's because we understand the fundamental problem of branding so well, and we solve the problems so well. That's honestly why we're so good at what we do. 

"a brand is a recognizable provider of a solution to somebody's problem."



The first thing we must do in any brand building initiative is to create what we call the "Brand DNA". The concept is simple - we need to define the very play book by which we will create all other content for your brand. Building a DNA for your brand allows us, much like biological DNA, to define the very core, lowest common denominator parameters of your brand.

This DNA then motivates all other decisions like the shapes, the colors, the fonts, the attitude, the feel and all core aspects of the aesthetics and personality of your brand. Think of it as your brand's bible - it defines everything your brand is, what it will become, and how it will comport itself so that you don't have to reinvent yourself with every client. It's easier to build a following once you know who you are, as a brand, and it makes sales considerably easier.

Once you have a fully developed Brand DNA you can concentrate on delivering quality to your clients, instead of trying to figure out what your business stands for, how it operates and what it does every single time. Let your Brand DNA speak for itself! 




"When you launch a business, you're not planting a palm tree in the jungle. You are invading an eco-system. And that eco-system has 10 million moving parts which you DO NOT CONTROL. What we do is bring in the business intelligence, brand gravitas and desire generation systems to make that invasion successful with as few casualties as possible."



Client desire is the thing that drives your business. Your clients have a desire to fix a problem, and they are looking for solution providers for their problem - that's you! What they feel is in your control. The way you control client experience, the power of your brand's message, and how well you cater to their pre-existing needs is where the key is.

let's face it

Your client comes to you after they realize that they have a need, not before. Yet most businesses focus on convincing people to buy - that's both very hard, and unnecessary! Answering your client's desire is what your focus should be on, because they wouldn't be on your website, social media platform or in your physical store if they didn't desire what you offer. Most folks don't just go around purposelessly into stores they know nothing about if something doesn't attract them there.

We believe strongly that understanding client desire is in the top three most absolutely critical things you could possibly do in business! What we help you do is to understand your client's desires, and craft a message that convinces them that you are their answer. We get them excited to have found you, their solution provider, and they will be easy to sell to because they're ready for the solution!

"we understand desire well, and it's why we are valuable to your brand"



We only take 5 clients a month, and openings happen once every 4-6 months, sometimes longer because our clients don't want to leave. So needless to say this opportunity isn't always available, and we may not be able to accomodate all requests. Give us a shout and let us know you're interested.

Why only 5 clients? Call us and we'll tell you!



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