Build My Brand

Build My Brand

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Building a successful brand for your business is perhaps the most critical thing in today's economy. The purpose of a company today is to build a client, not a product! Your clients will want to have good motivation for why they should pick you, and you need to have a brand that is developed enough to give them that reason within 5 seconds. Do you have that?


"If we were to tell you that this package is free, would you buy it?"


The reality is that most small business owners struggle with the idea of value. Often times we've seen small businesses that are stuck because they don't let go of the idea that money is valuable, when it's truly not. However the bottom line is this - would you pay $100,000 USD for a briefcase with 2 million dollars in it? Because we're not charging $100,000 - we're charging less than 1/10th. Value is king, and you should consider it because money comes and goes, value does not. And we bring the value to your business!

"We've never lost our customers money!"


The problems we solve:

  1. We will transform your mind, how you perceive your business, how you understand your industry, your client, and your services. In fact we might just be the breakthrough you've been needing. 
  2. You cannot replicate what we do without us. We are unique in our service offering. 
  3. We are your mentors! We will advise you on what to do, and strategies to run your business in ways you never even considered. 
  4. We work on the reasons before we create content, so that when the content needs to be created, it is a revenue engine not a shot in the dark.
  5. We have a completely in-house production team and think tank. We don't rely on external services, we employ our own talent!
  6. We develop your "Brand DNA" - this gives us a massive advantage because through "Brand DNA" we understand the core being and ethos of the brand, because we developed it! We learn what has worked previously, and we develop what will work going forward so that all media creation endeavors come from a place of deep understanding of the brand we are representing.
  7. Business Intelligence driven decision making empowers us to be smart about what we do, why and when. And this is driven by big data.
  8. Delivered media quality is of the highest grade possible! We don't compromise on this! 
  9. Efficiency of production team is unparalleled, which saves our clients from unnecessary additional costs. 
  10. We believe in investing in talent and extreme precision equipment to consistently deliver extraordinary results! 

"Instead of competing, all we have to do is innovate!"


Industry Facts

  • 72% of marketers worldwide said relevant content creation was the most effective SEO tactic
  • Brands spend 25%-43% of their marketing budget on content, yet only 23% of CMOs feel they are producing the right information for the right audience, and delivering it at the right time and correct format. And that is because content is being created without brand awareness. 
  • Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.

"The aim of marketing is to make selling unnecessary."

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"When you launch a business, you're not planting a palm tree in the jungle. You are invading an eco-system. And that eco-system has 10 million moving parts which you DO NOT CONTROL. What we do is bring in the business intelligence, brand gravitas and desire generation systems to make that invasion successful with as few casualties as possible."


Brand DNA

The first thing we must do in any brand building initiative is to create what we call the "Brand DNA". The concept is simple - we need to define the very play book by which we will create all other content for your brand. Building a DNA for your brand allows us, much like biological DNA, to define the very core, lowest common denominator parameters of your brand.

This DNA then motivates all other decisions like the shapes, the colors, the fonts, the attitude, the feel and all core aspects of the aesthetics and personality of your brand. Think of it as your brand's bible - it defines everything your brand is, what it will become, and how it will comport itself so that you don't have to reinvent yourself with every client. It's easier to build a following once you know who you are, as a brand, and it makes sales considerably easier.

Once you have a fully developed Brand DNA you can concentrate on delivering quality to your clients, instead of trying to figure out what your business stands for, how it operates and what it does every single time. Let your Brand DNA speak for itself!