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Consulting SERVICES

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brand strategy

We help you figure out the DNA of your business, what it stands for, what it wants to deliver, who your base is, what kind of services you offer, and we craft a custom philosophical image which represents your brand - we call it your "BrandDNA". If it doesn't exist, we create it. We then use this DNA we've helped you craft to create high quality content, marketing strategies and advertising copy for your online presence. This is the very core of the Brand Building package and it will radically transform how you think about your business and how you run it!

  • Ideal Client Definition

  • Buyer’s Journey Discovery

  • Core Brand Values Development

  • Core Service Design

  • Design Language Determination

  • Develop Brand Mission Statement

  • Leadership Coaching & Training

  • Business Design

ux design for website and user experience.png

User Experience Design (UX Design)

Understanding you clients’ expectations, how their mind works, how their emotions are triggered and guided is critical to your brand's perceptions, the quality of your reviews, and the success of your brand. UX design deals with all aspects of the client interaction, from start to finish. We design your brand to deliver customer delight, and we do it through strategy that takes in behavioral psychology to understand how your client thinks. This allows us to meet their subconscious expectations, and do it in a way that generates excitement about you because you delighted them.

  • UX Strategy

  • Fulfillment Evaluation

  • Client Communications

  • Client Interaction

online presence by ceg.png

Online Presence

Having the appropriate online presence for your brand is crucial to discovery, and to client interaction. We create a profile on these platforms:

  • Yelp!

  • Facebook

  • Google My Business

  • Angie’s List

  • Home Adviser

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

advertising campaigns on facebook and instagram.png

Advertising Campaigns

Creating high quality content is important, but more important is the ability to get it in front of your ideal clients - we help you craft social media based ad campaigns that make effective use of the media we create for you by engaging your ideal client base. We will run successful campaigns with rich multimedia created by us.

  • Ad Platform Selection

  • Audience Building

  • Copy Writing

  • Campaign A/B Testing

  • Analytics Monitoring & Reporting

  • Competitor Ads Analysis


Social Media Automation

Employing the newest technology in social media management, we deliver a ready to go, turn-key solution for managing multiple social media channels from one place using Buffer.

cold email and email campaigns by ceg.png

Email Campaigns

We craft email automation workflows that allows you to be in front of your customer, and mature them over time as a qualified lead. We use email for marketing, lead maturing, client education and re-targeting using advanced multi-platform integrations. The name of the game is automation - getting the systems working for you, giving you more time to concentrate on your services and clients.

  • Email automation available through MailChimp

  • Consolidate all available email leads into one place

  • Configure list building systems through website & social media channels

  • Create graphics and copy for email campaign

  • Campaign metrics reports