Road to Stardom

Road to Stardom

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You've wanted one for a while now, your fans are waiting for you to release it, but you haven't done it yet! What are you waiting for?

Let's get you a music video that will wow your fans, create excitement around your band, and build your success!

There are two package types available - In-Studio and On-Location. Each has its associated benefits and costs. 

On-Location shoots require an exponentially higher effort to produce. We need to hire a larger crew to make it happen, and it takes more time to fulfill. 

In-Studio shoots require less man power, and less budgeted days of work, so you save quite a bit. 

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Examples of Music Videos

Music video shoot with Seattle Event Music for the cover of Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me To The Moon". Seattle event music teamed up with CEG recording engineer and production services, as well as our cinema division to deliver this piece. CEG - Premium Seattle Content Creation Firm Featuring Commercial Photography, Cinematography, Audio Production, Branding and Design!
A CEG produced music video for Valentin Butnaru for the Moldova's Christmas celebration on Jan 5th. Keys: Danik Ustian Audio: Vladic Bobotrin Studio: CEG::the-media-people Director/DP: Daniel Curtean Video Post Production: CEG::the-media-people