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Building a relevant, competitive and attractive brand for your customers as well as future investors is the best decision you can make.


Motion Pictures

We believe that life experiences are best communicated via stories. Whether communicating a personal story, or a brand's story, the medium of choice is motion pictures. Communicating with high quality, message driven content is the key to emotional impact that answers your your ideal client's desires, and we tell your brand's message, wrap it in a story, and deliver it with power to your ideal client. 


Commercial Photographs

Brand image is everything in today's competitive marketplace. Customers have more sophiosticated tastes than ever before, and they require much higher end content. Our commercial photography services allow us to communicate your brand's message with power, authority and emotional impact. 


Corporate Photographs

All brands revolve around people. Your clients buy from you because of you, not because of your brand. They interface with you and your staff, and the precision applied to capturing the kind of image you need for your client type is critical. That's what we do! We want to create the best images for our clients that communicates the face of the business to their own clients. Whether for brand aware businesses that need to put a face to a business, or corporate clients that need to accurately be represented by our master photographers, we will craft an image of your team that your client will really connect with. 




Gustavo S.

My company Eco Car Café specializes in auto detailing & premium car wash services as well as providing automotive paint restoration in Bellevue, Seattle and the surrounding region. We are located in the parking garages of Mall Centers. There are thousands of cars that park in those parking garages and one might think it is easy to build your business around those assumptions, yet my biggest challenge was that I had no exposure. People did not know I was there. I needed to reach a specific audience with a specific message through the right channels. I wasted a lot of time and money.

I came to CEG and signed up for the “Brand Building” package. I increased my sales by 15% the first month. Now we also have a great looking, efficient and easy to navigate Web Page. I really like that they have very established systems and processes they work with.

I am genuinely pleased to continue building my brand with them.


Erik B.

My company E&A painting is a successful premium painting company, but we had no online presence what so ever. As a business owner, I realized the immediate need to get our brand off the ground, and I wanted to make sure we do it with the right people. Enter CEG - these guys are awesome! 

They created for us an amazing, premium brand that our customers can tell is premium at first glance! We love our logo, it has so much power, and gravitas behind it - it really burns into your mind, and we love that! 

And ohh man, you should see our trucks! The design CEG did for our two trucks and trailers is out of this world! They hit it out of the park with all the branding language and designs CEG did for us.

From stationary design, and the already mentioned logo, to an amazing photography package, and a beautiful, high-end video production they did for us - we're floored! I thought I knew what high end was, until I met CEG - they took that standard to the stratosphere. 

If you need a brand, done right - you're on the right page!


Daniel R.

CEG was brought on to do our Brand Building when my company needed to take things to the next level. They did a phenomenal job from our unique and informed logo design, the website which we love, the printed materials, brochures and stationary designs are just amazing. Our clients are always complimenting us on the quality of our branding. Highly recommended!

 Construction Worker
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Andrew C.

We needed to launch a startup for leather products my business partner and I put together, and we needed help to create some compelling branding content for it. We ran into CEG by recommendation, and man are we happy we did! CEG's photographers showed up, and delivered incredible quality commercial branding content for our startup. They took our image from non-existent, to full on commercial status! You need these guys!


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Robert F.

Daniel is a great photographer that stands out above the rest. Some have more equipment but he has great equipment, the expertise, and the eye to make your pictures the best they can be.

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Dwayne R.

CEG did a number of websites for my various companies. They are alyways exceeding my expectations in the quality of the designs, and how effectively they are laid out. Most people that need to convert their site visitors into customers don't pay attention to site layout, and CEG always excels! Very awesome guys!


Adriana B.

CEG's photographer, Daniel is a talented person of art. As a professional photographer, he has a natural ability to see and capture life moments that say more than thousands of words, moments that tell the story. Daniel has an excellent eye for details - his photos look nearly perfect because of his dedication to capture the moment in its most perfect way possible. 

My husband and I were very pleased with the photos Daniel took at our wedding! Even in their RAW state, they looked great. And I appreciate the fact that Daniel can photograph anything - nature, portraits, events, architecture - and he knows how to pull the feel and look in any of these areas.
After all, a natural photographer is a photographer of all things.