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Corporate Photoshoots - Brand aware team photos that engage your audience

Your business has a brand, and you need to put a face to the name - there is only one way to do it, and that's the right way. CEG offers brand aware corporate photography services to introduce your staff to your loyal customers the right way. Communicating your personalities is key, and having a branding company do it for you is how it needs to be done. 


Corporate Photoshoots

from $125.99 / person

This is not your run-of-the-mill "smile and click" type photoshoot that everyone has experienced. We custom tailor every single subject with techniques developed over many years to get their best possible image. We often times deliver images of individuals that literally are their best photographs they have ever had! 

We offer two types of "Corporate Photographs"

1. Corporate Headshots - a tight headshot style portrait which is used to engage the audience to the person being photographed in an intimate, close and human way. These are the best types of photographs for social media profiles, resumes, websites, and platforms where intimate connection to the human element is crucial. 

2. Corporate Portrait - these portraits are more traditional, portrait orientation, usually half body classical style of portrait. This style is fading out more and more but is still necessary where larger ad campaigns need more real-estate to work with in post production. Also individuals which do not prefer an ultra-intimate headshot style for their portraits for various reasons. 

Pricing is the same for both styles, however please specify preferred style ahead of time.