Success Story

See the success story of Eco Car Cafe - a business that was saved from stagnation and transformed into a powerhouse it is today.


Eco Car Cafe

The case study of a company that we took from severe financial trouble, to doubling their workforce, increasing wages and opening their third shop.

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increase in organic website traffic


generated organically in 6 months


increase in sales


Eco Car Cafe had a good brand to begin with before we came in, but with a change in leadership, the vision and clarity of the brand began to erode and get confused. Over time the brand values had eroded, not because they didn't believe in them any longer, but the company was becoming just another detailer in the area. 

Our challenge was to reinvigorate the Eco Car Cafe brand, its values and i's positioning in order to differentiate the business in a crowded space. We wanted to make Eco Car Cafe the choice for discerning customers that wanted a great experience, quality services and a brand that they could associate their identity with. 

Consumers no longer want to be sold to, they want to be cared for.


The consumerism of the 90's and 2000's has evolved into a sophisticated expectation going into the 2020's. Consumers no longer want to be sold to, they want to be cared for. They no longer want products, they want experiences, and so it is with this philosophy that we approached the substantial task of re-positioning Eco Car Cafe and finding its soul again.  One of our favorite quotes says "the company of today must build customers, not products", and with that values driven approach we began to explore the Eco Car Cafe brand. 

We discovered that the sales of the company were already skewed towards higher ticket items, and that the brand previously was focused on trying to sell lower ticket packages. We also discovered that the client expectation remained the same, whether choosing a lower priced package, or the higher. This of course told us that we should be taking a cue from the way the customers are using the service, and that we needed to more closely understand their expectation. 

...we were able to generate 5 figures in sales with zero acquisition cost.

We also discovered that there was an enormous missed opportunity in the online presence space, specifically through e-Commerce. By developing an e-Commerce solution with the most popular services, at an online only rate, we were able to generate 5 figures in sales with zero acquisition cost. 100% of these sales were organic and led by the user experience design of the website as a experience driven sales funnel. 


We worked closely over a period of several months with the executive leadership of Eco Car Cafe during intense strategy sessions that helped us precisely define the problems. With the problems so clearly defined, we were able to focus on providing high value solutions that truly revolutionized the Eco Car Cafe brand. 

We were able to redesign their website, lay it out via our UX expertise to function as a refreshing, easy to use and quick sales funnel. Because our approach was driven by the expectations of the user base, we were careful to ensure that the user experience was never compromised. This design helped Eco Car Cafe capitalize on a large missed opportunity online, and helped them generate tens of thousands of dollars in only a few months. We were able to achieve organic conversion rates that are truly amazing. 




Re-imagined the website

Our creative team redesigned the Eco Car Cafe website to be UX focused while also being an organic sales funnel. We ultimately want to drive brand awareness and increase sales. However bringing a design thinking approach to problem solving allowed us to create compelling experiences, while helping the business thrive online.


We designed and implemented an e-commerce store that sold the most popular Eco Car Cafe services. This immediately saw organic sales with zero acquisition cost, and generated over $25,000 within just 6 months. 

UX First

We were able to implement our UX first philosophy in the experience the customer has when booking Eco Car Cafe's services. By migrating to a different booking system, and moving all their physical locations over to the new platform, it gave us the freedom to use technology to meet our philosophy. This new platform also allowed us to implement booking fees, and no-show fees which greatly reduced the financial impact of no-shows to the business.

Online Presence

We worked hard to transform all the online platforms, social platforms and watering hole platforms to all speak the same visual language. We wanted a cohesive customer experience, and we wanted the same design queues that bring familiarity across all online platforms for the brand.  

Business Development

Our team worked closely with the Eco Car Cafe executive team in bringing design thinking to their business development problems. We were able to consult with them over several months, and reshape the perspectives and initiatives that will help Eco Car Cafe be successful for years to come. 

Brand Strategy

By developing a brand identity system, and understanding the UX first philosophy, we were able to craft the positioning strategy, and brand messaging to serve the user experience in new, and innovative ways. 

Visual Communication

Our creative team worked with Eco Car Cafe to create meaningful motion picture content, photographs and graphic designs that really helped communicate the brand's message well. 


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