Engines - Build the horsepower you need to grow consistently

The four fundamental engines CEG will implement in your business to power your transformation!



The business engines we bring to your business


Businesses are usually considered engines in themselves, but we think that, actually, businesses are made of engines that power them. So we developed the four core engines that should power a service oriented business - the lead generation engine, sales engine, fulfillment engine, and research and development engine.

These can be customized for the way your business runs, and you can see immediate improvements in your sales process, your lead generation, for keeping your business agile and relevant well into the future. 

ceg sales engine that develops your sales process.png


The engine that powers your revenue

We build a revolutionary sales process custom tailored for you, design your sales pitch to convert more customers, and train your staff on how to use behavioral psychology to help increase close rates for sales. 

  • 60 years of Behavioral Psychology in persuasion

  • Sales Process Development (Step 1, 2, 3, etc.)

  • Design Sales Pitch

  • Design Up-Sale Process

  • Packaging and Pricing Design

  • Offers and Deals Copy-writing 

  • 6 Sales Training Sessions with Role-playing

  • 2 Support Training Sessions

ceg lead generation engine for lead capture and maturing


The engine that brings you new clients

With the transformative power of this engine we can give you control over your lead generation, where they come from, and how qualified they are to buy. We turn your online presence into a lead generation system to grow your audience base. We then mature your buyers over time with proprietary systems we develop for you, and help your customers pick you when they're ready to buy. 

  • Audience Building

  • Lead Maturing System

  • Advertising Campaigns

  • Online Presence

  • Email Automation

  • AI based Re-marketing Automation

ceg fulfilment engine for operational efficiency of your business


The engine that brings your customers delight

UX design is a huge part of building and sustaining a successful brand. How you provide user experiences and sustain them to not only meet the expectations of your customer, but to actually go a step further and provide a delightful experience is what makes great brands, great. And our fulfillment engine help you achieve that. 

  • Optimization of Systems Used for Fulfillment

  • UX Optimization from End-to-End

  • Quality of Service

  • Warranties

  • Service or Product Delivery

  • Product Packaging and Shipping

  • Customer Inquiries & Support

  • Order Handling & Fulfillment

  • User Support

ceg rnd engine to keep you efficient, and offer the best service into the future


The engine that keeps you ahead

With our RnD engine, your service innovation, and technology systems will always be up to the task of keeping your operations efficient, your customer delighted, and your team productive. 

  • Service Innovation 

  • Product Innovation

  • Tools Innovation

  • Procedure Innovations

  • Customer Experience Innovations

  • Technology Innovations


Ask us about how we can bring these engines to your business.