F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions


How does CEG promote my brand?

Branding is a powerful thing! And we want to help your brand stand out. That is the basic premise of brand promotion. The way we achieve brand prominence is a combination of appropriate brand building and brand acceleration efforts. Building a brand, which is the discovery process of finding who you are, what you do, what you provide, how you provide it and to whom is important. The system we use to build this company brand is a proprietary, incredibly powerful system worth millions of dollars - we call it BrandDNA. 

With BrandDNA we transform your mind first. We want to ensure that you have a mentality of success, and we give you the tools which builds unstoppable momentum in your mind which leads to your success. We then move onto defining your ideal customer core, who they are, what they think about and how we can attract their attention. Once all of this is done, we define your brand's design language - what colors, what shapes, what fonts, the design language we use for all your brand's presence. 

Content creation is a huge strategic part in communicating a strong message which appeals to your audience's emotional centers. Our goal is to engage your audience with your product offering and encourage them to buy! There are many steps and strategies in promoting a brand, and we offer a range of services from a company that virtually does not exist, all the way up to experienced brands and marketing giants. Ask us about how we would promote your brand!

What is BrandDNA?

We are so excited about this system! BrandDNA is an incredible system developed exclusively by CEG for solving the stagnation process of your business. It is a transformative system for the mindset of the business owner. This system so profoundly affects how you understand your business, your services, your products, your clients, who your dependable core is and how you conduct your business that after BrandDNA your business will be reborn! We're not kidding, it is a massive shift in how you talk about, understand and market your services. We're seeing year over year growth of 100%-300% after just BrandDNA alone! It is the most valuable thing we offer, because it is the DNA of the rest of what we do. 


What is Brand Acceleration?

Our Brand Acceleration package is a monthly subscription that allows us to dedicate predictable resources to amplifying your brand and increasing your sales month after month. This plan is a strategically oriented advertising effort. We create campaigns by designing their message, building and fine-tuning audiences, and creating amazing content that brings about measurable change in your sales. We also manage your online presence and constantly find ways to improve it, do things that your competitors are not doing, and learning what is working well and applying the 80/20 rule to those campaigns. We regularly see a minimum of 5x ROI and as high as 10x ROI on our Brand Acceleration package - so to say that these are effectively free is an understatement!


What kinds of clients does CEG work with?

With most of our clients we usually get plugged into a new industry allot of the times. We have done work in a wide sampling of B2B and B2C industries. Examples of our clients include multiple car detail and maintenance brands, several construction companies with various service concentration, technology firms and startups, senior care centers, pet daycare facilities, realtors and brokers, transportation companies, and others. With each entry into a new industry, we learn valuable patterns of behavior of consumers and while we're at it, we pick up incredible value that allot of the times resonates for our other clients. We've learned several key things from one industry, and carried it over to other industries with great success. And we get to do that because we're seeing our branidng systems implemented across many different industries. So really, what we're trying to say is that the breadth of our experience in multiple industries allows us to test our systems and develop them further to be more honed, and more precise for all of our clients. And the benefit of this wide ranging expertise comes as added value to what we will do for your brand. 


What is an "ad-campaign"?

An advertising campaign is an online promotional campaign which CEG's teams craft for a variety of different advertising platforms like FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube and others. An ad campaign usually starts with brainstorming to discover the target audience for your product, the message we want to deliver to that audience, and we craft a call to action which engages your audience and results in sales. Sales are the intended result of nearly every campaign we ever run, directly or indirectly. And we don't run it unless it can directly or indirectly affect the sales of your company. 

We then create the appropriate content, whether motion picture content, photography, audio, graphics of various design or a combination to deliver your message, and encourage engagement from your target audience. As a part of the ad campaign, we incorporate market research and business intelligence which enables us to be as effective as possible with your campaign by spending marketing dollars where it makes the most impact.

We don't subscribe to the idea of chasing two rabbits. We pick the biggest rabbit, and take it home with our ad campaign solutions! And our clients are the beneficiaries. 


How does CEG protect client data?

We employ a backup strategy that ensures your data is kept safe for the life of the project with multiple copies on-site at CEG, and a cloud copy of your data automatically synced every hour. We don't loose data here! We leave that exciting venture for the less prepared!


How does the CEG fee structure work?

At CEG we believe in being a high-value, low complexity vendor for our clients - so naturally we keep things simple with a 2 fee structure. We base all our work on "time budgets" to allow for the successful completion of every task in the project. So when we quote in multiples of "Full Days" what we mean is we budgeted multiples of 8 hours for that task. This however does not mean we will deliver within 24 hours. Think of it as a budget to allow us to dedicate time to the task. 

Since we operate on a 220 day calendar year, our goal is to fill as many of those days will full days as possible. And this is how we schedule days!

Full-Day - Up to 8 hours engagement of CEG labor and assets. This includes all the labor associated to the project we quoted you as multiples of Full-Day rate in accordance to the Scope of Work quoted to you. 

Half-Day - Up to 4 hours engagement of CEG labor and assets. We use this for most of our engagement of services as there are few labor engagements for projects which require any less than half-day commitment. 


I want to hire CEG - How does it work?

Hiring CEG is a breeze - literally! We employ an automated system which keeps track of your project and all important documents, communications, e-mails and so on. We also have an amazing response time, and follow up system. You need not worry about e-mails lost in the proverbial black hole. 

The engagement process for CEG is as follows

1. You fill out the basic form at www.ceg.works/bookings.

2. We receive your request.

3. We create a project for you, and notify you.

4. You receive a questionnaire which tells us about your project needs.

5. We spin up the project according to your specifications and provide a quote.

6. You receive and approve the quote, automatically you are redirected to the agreement for the project.

7. The project is at this point under-way, and an invoice is available for your review.

8. We usually require a deposit on all project before we begin, which is reflected in the invoice.

9. Once payment is made we are officially booked and begin actively delivering on your project.

10. Project deliverables are completed, we resolve any outstanding balance, and final deliverable is provided to you.


How does "Usage Licensing" work?

The US government has copyright laws in place that protect content creators and their intellectual property from misuse and theft. When a US based content creator produces a work, their work is protected by the copyright laws of the United States and guarantees that the intellectual property created by the content creator is fully owned by himself/herself intrinsically. Any usage, commercial or otherwise of the intellectual property in an unauthorized fashion is against the law, and is subject to prosecution. Licensing is a means by which another party can benefit from the intellectual property of the creator for usage in various situations, including resale, or advertising, reproducing, printing and so on. 

A practical example is that every person that can ever read this on any devices what so ever has actually already been subject to the concept of licensing. If you are using any piece of software, like Chrome, or FireFox, Safari or Internet Explorer, you have signed and agree to the usage license of that product, and the conditions therein. Have you ever used Microsoft Word, or Windows? When you purchase those products, you are not purchasing ownership of Microsoft intellectual property - you are merely purchasing the usage license to use it according to what Microsoft deems fit for their product. At no point do you own the intellectual property being used. 

That is the basic rundown of how licensing works. CEG has a licensing model with 3 license types for various content. See www.ceg.works/licenses for a full breakdown of the terms. 


How do copyright laws work?

Copyright is a legal right created by the law of a country, that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights to its use and distribution, usually for a limited time, with the intention of enabling the creator to receive compensation for their intellectual effort. Copyright is a property right. Just because you buy a print does not mean you have purchased the copyright. Under the Federal Copyright Act of 1976, various media items are protected by copyright from the moment of creation. Items include:


What kind of filming equipment does CEG use?

At CEG we believe that quality tools contribute to quality results, and we use the best! Optics from the most prestigious optics manufacturer in the world, Leica, and camera bodies from RED, Arri and BlackMagic. Ultimately, however, all equipment is just that - in other words they are tools! Different tools are called upon to achieve different results.

In the film world the story and emotion one would like to communicate to the intended audience largely dictate the tools needed to accomplish that result. We own a large array of high-end equipment designed for the sole purpose of impeccable quality capture, reliability in the field, and ease of use which is very important - and you can see the quality we consistently churn our. The less time we spend making the gear work, the more focus and energy we can dedicate to your project to make it that much better. So we invest in reliable, heavy-duty, high quality, easy to use equipment that meets and exceeds our quality standards.

We also employ the use of rental house vendors to acquire specific equipment for various needs our clients may have. 

Our favorite companies include Arri, RED, Black Magic Design, Leica, Carl Zeiss, Hawk Optics, Cooke Optics and many other tremendous manufacturers which make our favorite equipment.


What kind of photography equipment does CEG use?

We're big purists here at CEG! We believe in the simplicity of photography, we believe in Henri Cartier-Bresson's "Decisive Moment" philosophy and use the modern equivalents of what he used in his day - in other words we LOVE Leica! Currently our choice for camera bodies is unequivocally Fujifilm, as we feel they make the absolute best photography sensor and camera ergonomics in the market today.

For optics we use Leica lenses exclusively - which means we use nothing else. We have dozens to choose from! We feel that the German optics are superior to all other mass-produced optics in the world, and provide the most powerful imaging characteristics, 3D rendering, best color rendition and most importantly least distortion characteristics in the world. We love the "look" of Leica optics, and we use nothing else!