Hollywood Headshot - The brand aware photo package for designers

Headshot photographs that transform regular people into movie stars with the techniques and tools celebrities use! Models, actors and artist headshots from the professional craftsmen at CEG!

Hollywood Headshot

from $995.99

Models, actors and booking agencies have a specific requirement for portfolio photographs for their clients. There is a secret to how a successful portfolio needs to look, which directly gets you booked in higher paying bookings, and catapulting your career further and faster - and it has everything to do with doing your headshots right, the first time!

We offer two styles to "the Hollywood Headshot"

1. Environmental - this style is generally incorporated into a well chosen location with the appropriate feel for the desired effect. Environmental style headhots are usually very powerful, and can be incredibly epic in their nature due to the level of effort involved. The best use for environmental headshots are for artists looking to bring some of their work, or personality to the photograph by shooting in a specific location and highlighting that location as a part of the viewer's experience in the final product. 

2. In studio - these are the typical headshots we do, as the headshot portrait style is designed to engage the viewer with the subject in an intimate and deep way. These are perfect for models, actors, social media profiles, websites and hundreds of other applications.