Projects shot on iPhone


"we believe that the only limit should be your imagination"


We firmly believe that a polished ability, met with talent and ultimately a good story is what makes a film great, not the gear! And so we have engaged in film making with consumer cameras "just for fun" since 2011 for that purpose. We believe that greatness comes from putting in your "10,000 hours" to master your craft, and we take every opportunity to push our creative muscles to make content with limited tools and prove that its not about the gear - we believe that the only limit should be your imagination, not the gear. To see our other productions check out our cinema gear page.


Shot, edited and colored by Daniel Curtean of CEG. See more of our work @ Find us on Twitter @ Find us on FaceBook Want to book CEG?

We took a sausage making course at Auberge Edge of Seattle cooking school and decided to document the process. Although I would have loved to have more dedicated time to film this, all shots were literally grab and go's and completely spontaneous in between actually being a part of the class and making the actual sausages.

Got the family together and went out on a stroll along the beach on a pier. Filmed on iPhone 6+ with MoonDog Labs 1.33x Anamorphic Lens with Fimic Pro. Edited and colored on Davinci Resolve by Black Magic Design. Shot, edited and colored by Daniel Curtean of CEG.

We finally took a small vacation to see family and the Grand Canyon in Arizona this year. For the trip I had purchased a 1.33x anamorphic lens specifically made for the iPhone 6+ by a company called MoonDog Labs. I expected a nice change, but the reality of what this thing is capable of blew me away!

Out and about messing around with my iPhone and Anamorphic lens. Trying new settings in Filmic Pro app. The stabilization is total crap in this new version of the app, as you can tell. Filmed on iPhone 6+ with Fimlic Pro and MDL 1.33x Anamorphic Lens.