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If you have the wrong bait, you cannot catch your fish. Client desire is the thing that drives your business. Your clients have a desire to fix a problem, and they are looking for solution providers for their problem - that's you! What they feel is in your control. The way you control client experience, the power of your brand's message, and how well you cater to their pre-existing needs is where the key is.


Let's face it

Your client comes to you after they realize that they have a need, not before. Just like the fish in our story, they come to eat when they're hungry. Yet most businesses focus on convincing people to buy - that's both very hard, and unnecessary! Answering your client's desire is what your focus should be on, because they wouldn't be on your website, social media platform or in your physical store if they didn't desire what you offer. Most folks don't just go around purposelessly into stores they know nothing about if something doesn't attract them there. That's where we come in!


We strongly believe that understanding client desire is in the top three most critical things you could possibly do in business! What we help you do is to understand your client's existing desires, and craft a message that convinces them that you are their answer. We use their desire to get them excited to have found you, their solution provider, and therefore they will be an easy to sell because they're ready for your solution! That is what we do!


"we understand desire well, and it's why we are valuable to your brand"



Here's how we define it - a brand is a recognizable provider of a solution to somebody's problem. So based on that definition, if you are a recognizable provider of a solution to a problem for somebody, you ARE a brand.

Here's the question: What good is providing a solution to a problem for somebody, if nobody knows you exist?

That's where we come in! The reason we have such wild success with our clients is not because we have some magic pixie dust that we bought from Grindelwald. It's because we understand the fundamental problems of branding so well, and we solve the problems so well. That's honestly why we're so successful in helping every one of our clients. 


"A brand is a recognizable provider of a solution to somebody's problem."


"What we do at CEG is help our clients revolutionize their business by renewing their commitment to quality customer experiences. And what we keep seeing is success following in those footsteps..." - daniel Curtean

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Your brand message is essentially your resume. It's what you do, how you do it, and why you do it well. A well crafted brand message is fundamentally based in your ideal client's desire. We all know that convincing people to buy what they don't want is nearly impossible. But if you can craft a great message specifically for your ideal client that answers their existing desire for a solution, then you will sell your product with zero sales effort.

How can this be? The answer is simple. You are solving a problem, and your client wants your solution. These prospects can easily be your clients if you have your ducks in a row, and that's exactly the problem we solve for you. We help you get your ducks in a row so that when you message your ideal client, they respond with enthusiasm because they've found a solution to their problem - and the quality of the message controls the level of enthusiasm.


Think of it this way

"the purpose of today's company is to solve problems, not sell useless products". It is very difficult to sell useless products, but it is effortless to sell great solutions to existing client desires. And the message you use is everything.


“the aim of marketing is to make selling unnecessary. ”



Once you know your fish, and their preferred diet, you need to get fishing! Brand acceleration is the process by which we boost your brand's significance, your influence and fame to your ideal client audience - in short we make you more recognizable and more desirable. This means that we create a larger, more rich presence in areas where your ideal client likes to spend time.

Ultimately, we want to walk together 1000 steps in your customer's shoes.

The reality is that when we understand your client's desires, we can shape your brand to be the answer to that desire, and we do that with carefully crafted messaging using visual language designed to get them excited about finding you. And when we do that, selling becomes unnecessary because clients pre-qualify themselves for your service. This is what we achieve through Brand Acceleration.


"We want to walk together 1000 steps in your customer's shoes."



We’re a Seattle based media company that uses the power of stories to communicate your brand's message to an audience that is willing to listen. We specialize in core branding strategy, content creation and brand acceleration through business intelligence and rich multimedia. 



We craft your entire customer-facing brand, and if you already have one, we tweak it to tip-top shape.

We help your startups and existing companies develop a BrandDNA which will completely revolutionize the way you see your business! 

We boost your brand to new heights, and help shift your old advertising strategies and budgets to the effective platforms your audience already uses. We have a very methodological process of examining your current techniques of reaching existing and potential audience, and with these processes we transform how you message your customers. 


The image we create for you, and the messaging we design will make selling unnecessary - that is what brand acceleration is all about. We build momentum through our rich service offerings like BrandDNA, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Business Developemnt, rich multimedia creation, brand strategy consulting, platform optimization, and more.

The stories we tell are carefully crafted and delivered via rich multimedia. We know what to say and to whom by analyzing deep business data that drives strategic branding decisions from a customer experience perspective. 

We're revolutionizing the company of every client we work with, and the results speak for themselves. Our guarantees give you the confidence that we want our clients to have, and our results give you the security to know your business will succeed!