the brand accelerator service


Your sales are not where they need to be. You are not making enough money, your business needs to run and you spend most of your time managing the fires in your business instead of having time to grow it. 

Another problem you're having is that sales fluctuate and are going down. But your business costs are going UP


So how are you going to solve this?



We want to show you how to massively expand your business, increase your sales, and more importantly make selling automatic! And we want to offer you success in what you already do, and it will cost you nothing ultimately.



We have business engines built that we can implement in your business immediately that will bring new leads, help your sales, automate your fulfillment and help you develop your services over time. Once these engines are implemented in your business and begin to run, they will generate far more money than it costs to implement them.


Out of 100 clients, 100 of them made more money with us than it cost them. That's a 100% success rate, and for every one of them it cost them ultimately nothing!


We've done this for multiple businessess, IT'S A SYSTEM, it works, and we want to make it work for you!



We're your ace in the hole! We are your mastermind partners that help you make branding and business development decisions that will put you above your competition - way above! We have helped businesses double, and even triple their yearly revenue within just 6 months! 



We only take 5 clients a month, and openings happen once every 4-6 months, sometimes longer because our clients don't want to leave. So needless to say this opportunity to grow won't always be immediately available.

Why only 5 clients? Call us and we'll tell you!



We don't work with everyone! It takes clear vision and drive to be successfull, and not everyone has that. It's that simple.



In simple terms what we do revolves around storytelling, and connecting businesses to your ideal client that already has a need for what you do, We will craft a powerful message for them about your services that is compelling and pre-qualifies them for your services, and your prices. We create beautiful graphics, photos and videos that will make your ideal client want to buy, and the best part is that we handle this 100% for you - so you don't need to do anything! 


In essence we're offering you increased success in your business.



We find your ideal client that needs what you have, pre-qualify them to ensure they can afford your services, and then we craft rich content that communicates your brand message to them - and it's a winning formula! It just keeps working and working and working without fail for all of our clients. 

This is a great way to expand your business, recover lost sales and often times increase your prices for your service while having more demand than you can handle.

Can you afford NOT to do this? Think about it...


Talking business is great and all, but we want to remind you to go out, enjoy this beautiful sunshine, and if you've got a family, spend some time with them!


May you be blessed with success that follows in what you do, and don't forget to take care of yourself!


P.S. We're waiting for you to reach out, so do it now. 



Daniel & the CEG Team



Managing your client's experience is the most important thing you do. It influences how loyal a customer will be, how many other people they talk to regarding your brand, and ultimately how viral your service will become. We've learned that many of our clients ran their businesses on what we call a "fulfillment ideology", not on "client experience ideology".

As we learned earlier, the human mind has a decision budget. And spending that decision budget and your time exclusively on fulfillment of orders is a recipe for stagnation and ultimate failure! This is because instead of spending resources providing great experiences to your clients, all your resources are spent on fulfilling your orders - and the more orders you have, the less patient you get with your customers.

This approach leaves no room for improvement, company growth, or client retention. Running your business on fulfillment philosophy means they will not come back, and we can guarantee that every single time!

We've developed 4 fundamental engines for businesses that generate leads, close sales, helps automate fulfillment of orders, and continually challenges you to develop your service and technology. These four engines are crucial to an adaptive, flexible and profitable business. 

Ultimately the question of client experience comes down to this - which is easier? Getting a new client or servicing an existing client?


“Running your business on fulfillment philosophy means they will not come back"



We're not usually called in to fix successful brands, so most of the time we find that the culprit of most business problems is that what the data says and the owners think are often completely different things. We like to say "we help our clients find out where they are actually at, not where they think they're at". This is why it is so important to base brand performance on good data, and that's what we do from day one. No guessing and no shots in the dark here.

Business intelligence is rich data analytics on your business. This data comes from multiple sources such as your POS, social media platforms, website analytics, independent analytics, market research studies, campaign data and many other sources. We use these rich data points to understand where your brand actually is, and often time this data tells a different story than the business owners tell.


"We deal in degrees of success, and the better data we have, the higher degree of success!"





Hiring strategically powerful people is the key to all success - ALL SUCCESS! It doesn't matter how talented you are, you need external help from people that know their craft well because you can't know everything, and you don't need to. This is the single most important part of any successful business. Andrew Carnegie paid his main manager, Mr. Schwab a $75,000 yearly salary, but frequently gave him a $1 million bonus, which was an astronomical sum of money for the time. Mr. Carnegie did this because of the incredible value that Mr. Schwab brought - he was that valuable! It's important to understand the value of strategically powerful people, and we can be just that for you. 



Sherlock Homes had Watson, Kirk had Spock, and you have CEG. Creating a mastermind relationship is very well known idea that revolves around the concept of building relationships with people that will propel you. Our consulting sessions are so powerful that we guarantee massive influence in your personal life, and that of your business - your future will change far beyond what you thought possible because of the new world we open to you. All you have to do is build a mastermind relationship with us, and we'll bring our bag of tricks that you need to transform your business and your life. 



Although you can fish alone, you can't run a successful business alone. The know-how we've developed cannot be learned from anywhere, what we do cannot be replicated or copied, and what we deliver cannot be achieved without us. Pretty direct, right? Absolutely, and it's true! The reason we say this is because we want you to understand that what we do fundamentally is so unique that nobody else does it! We're confident about this because we have built systems that are worth millions of dollars by themselves which are exclusive to CEG that guide this process. Our BrandDNA system allows us to create hooks into how your clients buy, how they think, what their values are and how we can convert them into your customers. And with our systems we build a brand around your ideal client that is a natural magnet. We like to say that the aim of marketing is to make selling unnecessary, and that is why you need us. 


“Your rewards in life are directly proportional to your contribution.” - Earl Nightingale



We create some of the most beautiful, visually compelling content anywhere. However, we're not interested in providing you with loose videos or photos, or graphics or web design for your company in an isolated manner - that idea has very short legs, and it simply doesn't work well. Content without vision is dead. We craft solutions, and that means we will roll up our sleeves, and put our shoulder right there next to you in pushing your business forward - it's like having superman in a tug of war!

That being said, here's how we do content and the methodology behind it. 



With this content type our main objective is to craft a powerful and engaging message, generating desire for your product through various techniques and then delivering a call to action - we want your audience to purchase, subscribe to or call your business. This category of content is a single, targeted and very sculpted piece of content with the main goal of increasing immediate sales. Although we do present the Brand DNA and increase brand awareness, the main purpose is to deliver a message and excite your audience with a call to action.

We pair the finished content with a marketing budget to advertise on the most ideal platforms for your business, maximizing audience engagement for that specific message. We help with crafting the message, producing the content, and finding the best channels for distribution. We can help you do this!


This is what we call a Stage II type content creation initiative because this is generally a second step after creating a basic Brand DNA. This is the content creation strategy that the largest corporations in the world utilize, and it is always created in series or packs - think multiple episodes, or multiple photographs or videos. In other words we need to create a series of individually unique lifestyle pieces that specifically marry the Brand DNA to a lifestyle that your clients would desire to live - we generate the desire, and not specifically try to sell them anything in this category of content. In other words we make buying your product "cool".

What we achieve by creating a series of Brand Loyalty type content is to engage your audience that may like your brand, convert them to fans that don't just buy your product, but become evangelists for it. The phrase we like to use to describe this initiative is "people like us do things like this" - and with this idea in mind, we create desire, we create fans, and create a multi-tiered Brand DNA that will grow your audience, and sales for years to come.

Generating desire, and ultimately building fans is the most powerful way of maintaining a successful brand, and CEG helps you do that!