1.        Complementary Environmental Portrait or Headshot Session Twice per Year

a.         CEG will provide a full photo-shoot of your choice, twice per year

b.         Members check with availability and are responsible for scheduling

2.        Digital Positives and Prints at 50% discount

a.         Your prints and your photographs at a massive discount!

3.        Extra Photo Shoots Provided at Cost (Can be used for friends and family)

a.         Up to 3 Photo-shoots per year at cost

b.         May only be redeemed by members of Promo Army

c.          Member must be present during all photo shoot events.


1.        Members of the Promo Army take upon themselves the following responsibilities:

a.         Promote CEG with Social Media via short articles about Professional Content Creators at CEG once per month, and members’ experience as customers of CEG. Articles should be a minimum 2 paragraphs, must be grammatically correct, must be easy to follow, clear and must consist of the personal opinion of Promo Army members. Articles must be posted to CEG blog and shared on FaceBook once a month, with CEG (Curtean Engineering Group) FaceBook page tagged.

b.         Must use a photograph provided by CEG as social media profile photo for the duration of membership with written photo credit to CEG, and link to CEG website.

c.          Must use CEG provided FaceBook cover photo with written photo credit to CEG, and link to CEG website for as long as enrolled in the Promo Army.

d.          Promo army enrolees must be a previous paying customer of CEG prior to being eligible for CEG Promo Army. 

Members encouraged to promote CEG services in local neighborhoods, communities, churches and to friends and family. Members will be provided with brochures and business cards of CEG to pass out to potential clients.


Promo Army members who perform their responsibilities on time, regularly and with the excellence that represents the CEG brand will be receiving one of the following incentives courtesy of CEG at the digression of CEG.

a.         $50 gift certificate for CEG which can be used for prints of members’ photographs, or any service CEG provides. These gift certificates don’t expire, and can be used together in unlimited fashion towards one or many products provided by CEG.

b.         Dinner with Daniel fully paid for by CEG!

c.          High quality decorative print of CEG photographers’ works for use in member’s home.


For repeat business provided by members, CEG will be providing cash profit sharing at a percentage of total business provided by member. Members must use a traceable system to redeem profit sharing funds. Client must hire CEG and Clients must acknowledge the member which was responsible for CEG being hired.

 Legal Section:

Members are responsible for retrieving Profit Sharing funds and CEG is not responsible for providing profit sharing funds to members without proof that members were the recommending party for the client hiring CEG. Proof may be provided in the client acknowledging the member, electronic or physical correspondence, or text messages format. Profit sharing funds will be made available to members upon full completion of project(s) and is dependent on the client fully compensating CEG for services rendered per contract between client and CEG. CEG is not required to provide profit sharing to any members at any time for any reason. Members understand that this is an incentive system used to reward excellent performance in promoting the CEG brand and CEG is not legally responsible to uphold any part of this incentive package. If members violate the terms of their responsibilities, CEG reserves the right to terminate their membership. Furthermore, for members which violate their responsibilities as a Promo Army Member, CEG will bill for all the services performed for the member at the rate which the service is priced at that time.

Leaving CEG Promo Army

Members who wish to discontinue their membership in the CEG Promo Army may do so at any time without any obligation granted that their responsibilities were met in equal proportion to the services which CEG performed for the member. Upon discontinuation of membership, a member is entitled to keep all incentives which were delivered to the member to the date of discontinuation and the member forfeits any upcoming or un-delivered incentives which had not been delivered by the date of discontinuance.  Upon discontinuation the member is no longer bound to any responsibilities to CEG and may continue to use their delivered services provided by CEG unless explicitly denied so by CEG via verbal, written or any other notification. Failure to respond and remove photographs deemed as a violation by CEG or not respond to a request CEG has made to members or former members are subject to prosecution and the full extent of copyright laws.