CEG product and service rates are organized via a time budget system where we estimate the time budget needed to deliver. And these calculations are based on our Full-Day and Half-Day time budgets. These two represent the budgeted time to accomplish the tasks, not sequential days on a calendar. So two Full-Days of budget time can be spent over the course of a calendar work week or more, for example.

This means that all our service offerings are based on time budgets required to accomplish the client’s needs. Because we have a formulaic approach to our pricing, there are no hidden surprises, no hidden fees, and no fake discounts that are confusing. Here’s how we determine our package prices:

  1. We estimate of the number of Full-Days needed to deliver what our clients specified. 
  2. Multiply number of Full-Day by $795.99, our Full-Day rate. 
  3. Add any external costs (permits, assistants, vendors, rentals, talent, etc).
  4. And we get the total price for the project.

Because our pricing structure is so well defined and works towards the advantage of our clients, we don’t confuse our clients with sales tactics like fake discounts. What we actually do is much better - we deliver real value to our clients by incorporating add-ons where time budgets allow at half-day rates or completely on us.



The huge benefit of this formulaic pricing system is that we have a Half-Day rate - and this is where you save money, up to 29% in fact! 

With Half-Days we’re able to spread out the cost of a work week between two or more clients, each paying a smaller share of the cost of the week, allowing us to deliver enormous value to all parties involved. When applicable, you can save up to 29% per day! It’s a win - win for everyone, including us because we make the same amount of money, but we save you from unnecessary costs. It's really awesome!



Imagine we book two clients with time budgets that span the whole week. Our operating costs are well known and generally unchanging for each day. Which means that if we can get two half days booked with two different clients, the shared operating cost between the two drops. Which means we can pass the savings to both clients! 

This is just another way CEG works hard at coming up with ideas that add value to you.