CEG’s photographer, Daniel is a great photographer that stands out above the rest. Some have more equipment but he has great equipment, the expertise, and the eye to make your pictures the best they can be.
— Robert F.
CEG’s photographer, Daniel is a talented person of art. As a professional photographer, he has a natural ability to see and capture life moments that say more than thousands of words, moments that tell the story. Daniel has an excellent eye for details - his photos look nearly perfect because of his dedication to capture the moment in its most perfect way possible.
My husband and I were very pleased with the photos Daniel took at our wedding! Even in their RAW state, they looked great. And I appreciate the fact that Daniel can photograph anything - nature, portraits, events, architecture - and he knows how to pull the feel and look in any of these areas.
After all, a natural photographer is a photographer of all things.
— Adriana B.

I can’t express how amazing CEG’s photography was at the Image Kids camp! Photography takes a lot of skill. Taking an excellent photo takes effort but the fact that Daniel took so many great photos of children - goofing around and hard to get to cooperate - so well says a lot about what he can pull off so impressively. If you are looking for amazing photos that will leave you speechless, Daniel is your man!
— Jason F.

CEG’s photographer, Daniel was the photographer for this year’s kid’s camp. The kids had a fun time working with him, they felt very comfortable around him. The pictures turned out great.
— Linda V.

CEG’s photographer, Daniel is a very knowledgeable in his trade and is able to find the right angle quickly. He constantly looks for opportunities to capture the event in its entirety. The resulting product is priceless.
— Krill F.
What I love about Daniel’s work is how he works with people. We can totally tell how much he loves what he does because we can see it on the result of our pictures. He is such a people-person that we do not even feel like we have someone photographing us. During our kids camp Battle Camp, Daniel come over and spent a day with us and captured some amazing shots that will become memories for sure. Thank you, Daniel, for capturing only the best of us and thank you for helping us to remember all our kids soldiers on their best! You are awesome!
— Priscila S.

Outstanding pictures by Daniel Curtean. It was a great experience. Highly recommended!
— Dan D.

Outstanding the best photography in the area. He knows what he does. Also He will make you look like a movie star.
— Noor A.

He is doing a great job and he is really good in a small details
— Olga L.