We're happy to introduce you to the CEG operations team!



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Daniel Curtean

Founder and Chief Strategist

As the founder and director of CEG, Daniel has a direct hand in every project CEG delivers to our clients. Daniel serves as creative director, and marketing strategist for all our media work.  


Zina Curtean

Chief Administrator

Making our clients look beautiful, our on staff aesthetician and certified professional makeup artist, Zina brings the star out of every person - she's amazing! (Ohh, and she's Daniel's wife!)

Zina also handles administrative tasks at CEG, making sure the cogs turn the right way behind the scenes. 

Gustavo Salinas

Partner and Account Executive

As a partner of CEG, and a user of our own services for his company, Eco Car Cafe, Gustavo serves as our Account Executive. He is a crucial part of our brand development and strategy sessions.

Gustavo also handles the needs of our clients and acts as a liaison to ensure we always deliver the best service, on time, and on budget!

See what we've done for Eco Car Cafe!




At CEG we also employ a variety of vendors which we collaborate with on projects, as their talents are needed. From film crews, support staff, to audio production teams which handle the custom music scoring and composing, our amazing relationships outside our core team are continually expanding, and we love our vendors!