Web Services

You might want to understand the full service offering of CEG, what it entails and what is included. We put together one page with all our services in one area for discoverability to make it easy to see in one glance. 


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award-winning Web Design

We design a premium website which is in standing with your "BrandDNA" utilizing content we've created for your brand. We integrate your lead generation engine to capture leads, deliver customer education, and configure your website as a sales funnel that qualifies your leads, and ensures qualified customers call more often.  

  • Web design & development

  • Graphics design for website

  • Website Integration with Business Systems (where applicable)

  • Sales funnel

  • UX focused web design

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We build your eCommerce store so you can expand your revenue streams. 

  • Online Product or Service Design & Setup

  • Store Graphics Creation

  • Store Taxes, Coupon Codes, & Customer Portal Setup (where applicable)

  • Payment Processing Setup

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Search Engine Optimization

A comprehensive approach to SEO for your website, optimizing it for search engines with time tested techniques. We do SEO the right way, without cheap tactics, while concentrating on years of great ranking without any risk of being blacklisted.

  • Website Navigation Flow Optimization

  • Intelligent Analytics Integration

    • Google Analytics

    • Facebook Analytics

    • Pixel/TAG Conversion Tracking

  • Keyword Discovery and Ranking

  • Ad Words Management

  • Search Engine Submission Management

  • Google Search Features Optimization

  • Site Description Tag Optimization

  • ALT Image Tag Optimization

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Yelp Page Optimization for SEO

  • FaceBook Page Optimization for SEO

  • Instagram Hashtag Analysis

  • Google My Business Listing & Optimization