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What is CEG?

What we stand for, how we help you attract your ideal client, employ design thinking into our branding design work, and how imagination and good taste makes us the only option for your new brand!

what is CEG?

Colesco. Emacitas. Gregatim.


Colesco means to become unified, strong or established.
Emacitas means having a desire to buy things.
Gregatim means in flocks or herds.



How does this play out?

unique value delivery


Lead Attraction

If you look like the most risky option, you attract price shoppers! They leave bad reviews, are impossible to please, and have completely unreasonable expectations. But more importantly, you’re repelling your ideal client that is far more profitable to work with, easier to please, and far happier to root for you and your success. We help you fix who you attract. Imagine a clean new website, an iconic brand identity system, new business cards, a new experience for your client, but more importantly, imagine the exciting new direction we will help your company take through intense brand strategy & business design sessions!


Visual Communication

We’re storytellers, and we help you craft your brand story through powerful visuals! We rely on the known expectations of your marketplace to craft the story of delight into your branding language. Good storytelling means you can communicate powerfully, and if you have a good message as well, the spotlight follows you! Great brands are shared through stories, and good stories are communicated through great design - we can help you craft your story, why you matter, and use behavioral psychology to captivate your ideal client!

Design Thinking

What does a watch, an iPhone, a car and a Space X rocket have in common? They’re all designed! But good design is as much a child of good taste, as it is a good problem solving system. Design thinking to us is the ideal system to guide good taste, and when these two sing a duet, goosebumps follow!


Strategy First

By relying on a proprietary strategy systems developed in house, we work with you to discover everything your brand wants to be organically. This isn’t limited to visuals only, we innovate on service delivery, discuss buyers journey and user experience design throughout the entire interaction your customer has with your company. We host intense, and highly productive strategy sessions to identify and solve business problems. This often means that we affect, and redesign your entire business model, innovate your service and shift the way you perceive your brand from the ground up- the cherry on top is the fresh new look that attracts your ideal client.