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Who We Are

We’re the builders of dreams.




If you look like the most risky option, you attract price shoppers! They leave bad reviews, are impossible to please, and have completely unreasonable expectations. But more importantly, you’re repelling your ideal client that is far more profitable to work with, easier to please, and far happier to root for you and your success. Is it hard to see why this matters?


brand design & visual communication

We’re storytellers, and we use the story of delight to craft your branding language. Good storytelling means you can communicate powerfully, and if you have a good message as well, the spotlight follows you! Great brands are shared through stories, and good stories are communicated through great design - how are you telling yours?

Design Thinking

What does a watch, an iPhone, a car and a Space X rocket have in common? They’re all designed! But good design is as much a child of good taste, as it is a good problem solving system. Design thinking to us is the ideal system to guide good taste, and when these two sing a duet, goosebumps follow!


imagination + good taste

By relying on a strategy first approach, we use intentional design to solve business problems. This means that we affect, and redesign your entire brand from the ground up, and most often redesign everything! Imagine a clean new website, an iconic brand identity system, new business cards, a new experience for your entire online presence, and completely fresh way to present your company to the world!





At CEG we believe in design thinking, and how that influences intentional user experience design. We believe that the brands of the future will need to cater to the shifting expectation of the buyer with personalized experiences, value driven branding and identity focused messaging. People want to belong, they want to have purpose, and this has become a minimum expectation. We bring design thinking, UX focus and visual communication together and offer our clients consulting that helps them meet those minimum expectations. We integrate brand identity and business design with content creation efforts in a seamless manner that propels your brand forward. We want your client to have great experiences from first interaction, to final sale, and we do that through great UX design - design thinking is why we're unique.


We know that traditionally the content creation and business strategy efforts have been disjointed. We believe in a seamless integration between content creation teams and business strategy for successful brand market penetration. We incorporate the two seamlessly in our offering, and here is why. There should only be one vision, and one effort because your ideal clients expect consistency, otherwise you fail the riskiness test.


We are a force multiplier for our clients. Because of our unique philosophy and offering, we’ve been able to transform the businesses, and the mindsets of business owners. Together we bring ongoing ROI well after project completion, and a presence that has lasting impact well into the future.